Andy helps Mr Mason move into Yew Tree Farm with Mrs Patmore and Daisy. . She visits him in London, and he has a cocktail party that important artists and literary figures like Virginia Woolf attend. She decides to avoid seeing him when he comes to say final goodbyes, but her father-in-law, whom she goes to see, convinces her she must say goodbye to him. She was forced to leave school at the age of 11. Lavinia Catherine Swire (played by Zoe Boyle) (18951919) is the sweetheart and fiance of Matthew Crawley. Lady Mary Josephine Talbot (ne Crawley) (played by Michelle Dockery) (b. She resists claiming her widow's pension as she thinks it wrong to claim money for marrying a man that she liked but would have not married under normal circumstances. After being informed that this story was untrue by Isobel Crawley, the doctor corrected the report to the War Department, and William is drafted shortly thereafter. At the beginning of series six Anna is in a dark place as the case of Green's death lingers over her and Bates as she's still out on bail. In series 6 only credited with the main cast in "The Finale". He returns to Downton in 1922, clearly still interested in the recently widowed Mary. Daisy was worried about being William's sweetheart but Mrs Patmore urged her not to send him to the front with a broken heart, saying that if she refused, he would never return. Mrs Patmore tries to hide her deteriorating eyesight but Lord Grantham decides to send her to Moorfields in London for treatment when she accidentally puts salt on the pudding instead of sugar. As the heir to the Downton Abbey estate, Robert Crawley married Cora Levinson - a young, forward-thinking American, partly at the will of his father who wanted to . Edith struggles with revealing the truth about Marigold to Bertie before accepting him. Mary insists that Anna shouldn't return to her and Bates's cottage and instead allows Anna to stay in her room to have her baby. He previously served in the Army alongside the earl as his batman during the Boer Wars and suffered an injury to his right leg. 14 Oct 2013. Bates is freed, and the reunited married couple move into a cottage on the grounds shortly thereafter. Although she has adopted the lifestyle of the British aristocracy, her character is portrayed as more forward-thinking and open-minded than that of her family, a trait her husband and daughters attribute to her "American-ness". Mason, still enamored with Mrs Patmore, agrees to surrender the farm lease to Daisy and Andy and go to live with her. His aunt is Sarah O'Brien, who brings him forward as a candidate for the empty post based on his previous experience as a waiter at a hotel. Thomas provides Bates with words that lead her to believe Bates knows of her hand in Lady Grantham's miscarriage, and she quickly backs down. She, in turn thanks him, describing him as strong and lucky neither of which he considered himself to be. The evidence does not portray Bates in a good light; the jury finds him guilty of the murder of his wife, and he is sentenced to be hanged. Before the war, he worked for Lady Anstruther and was her favourite footman. During a conversation with Bates, Anna tells him that something in her history could stack against her in a court case. He also helps cover up the scandal that the murder trial of Downton valet Bates would cause. In the second series, William wanted to enlist in the Army but was forbidden by his father, as he was the only other surviving member of the family. Herbert "Bertie" Pelham (played by Harry Hadden-Paton) first appears in the 2014 Christmas special "A Moorland Holiday" as the land agent of the Brancaster estate. A quiet, unassuming and sensitive man devoid of any real ambition, he is a distant cousin to the current Marquess of Hexham, to whom he is very close. Beginning as a junior footman, he rose to become butler by 1890. Immerse yourself in the much loved British historical drama, relive some of. Matthew Reginald Crawley (played by Dan Stevens) (18851921) is a middle-class distant cousin of the Crawleys who becomes the heir to the estate in the first episode and soon after moves to Downton. She is also the wife of John Bates. She attended secondary school at the American British Academy in Muscat, Oman, and graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2004. After he confesses to Daisy, she reveals she wasn't flirting and, impressed by his actions, is ready to start planning her marriage to Andy. When Green returns to the Abbey, Bates is further convinced of his guilt. Mary receives a surprising question, Anna freezes Bates out, Edna makes a play for Tom, and Rose meets a new friend. After being caught stealing a bottle of wine, Thomas takes advantage of her feelings for him to persuade her to tell Mr Carson and Mrs Hughes that she saw Mr Bates take the wine. 1902) is the daughter and youngest child of Hugh and Susan MacClare (Lord and Lady Flintshire). Matthew is paralysed from the waist down while serving in the First World War, but, after a miraculous recovery and difficulty moving past Lavinia's death from Spanish flu, he and Mary wed in 1920. She even skips work to go see him in the Grantham Arms, after hearing that he would be eating lunch there. He asks her if she had ever considered adoption, but she tells him that the idea would never work for him nor her as they would want their own child. After Matthew dies in a car accident Molesley loses his job, moves in with his father and struggles to find work as a servant, forced to be a road construction worker and delivery boy. In 1920, he expresses his wish to name Daisy his sole heir, and asks her to come live at the farm so he may teach her how to run it. She gets a new hairstyle and announces that she will move into Yew Tree Farm with Mr Mason, while still working at Downton. Her father Robert tells his wife Cora that there is no identifiable body, and "what was left of him" was supposedly buried somewhere. Mrs Hughes has described her sister as being born "not quite right in the head" and has been privately caring for her since their mother died. Still in the dark about her pregnancy, Anna begins to experience pains in episode 4, for which Lady Mary rushes her down to London, claiming to Bates that the emergency is hers, not Anna's. They then take this to Robert who ensures that the witness makes a statement, then tries to contact Bates. In the Great War, Ethel has trouble supporting herself and her son and Mrs Hughes helps her, acting as her friend and bringing her food. Through a series of notes and letters, all of which Jimmy desperately begs Thomas for advice on, the audience learns that Jimmy's former position with Lady Anstruther included a sexual aspect. Bates is subsequently charged with murder. Thomas is a closeted gay man. [8] Leech at first tried to develop a Yorkshire accent in an effort to prevent his character from becoming an Irish stereotype, but when he was persuaded that Tom would not become such, he used his native Irish accent.[9]. Despite not hearing from him, her intense romantic affections for him never falter. He helps Matthew and Mary modernise Downton. Downton Abbey 175K subscribers 365K views 3 years ago We all felt for Tom Branson after Sybil's shocking death. May Bird (played by Christine Lohr) was the cook for Isobel and Matthew Crawley at Crawley House. Henry Lang (played by Cal MacAninch) was Lord Grantham's valet in the absence of Mr Bates. By the end of the final series, Robert's worsening health forces him to step down from running the estate, leaving the task to Tom and Mary. She declines. Edith is very worried and decides to get an abortion. She replaced another maid named Ethel Parks, who had been sacked after being caught with a soldier while Downton Abbey was a convalescent home for war wounded soldiers. Edith's mother Cora suggests that Edith bring Marigold back to Downton on the pretense that Edith is adopting her because the Drewes can no longer afford to raise her. The next day, Vera is found dead from ingestion of rat poison. After her wedding, to avoid confusion with her husband, Anna is still called by her first name by the staff and family, unlike standard practice for lady's maids of the time. Though Isobel is concerned about marrying Lord Merton when his sons do not approve of her, Violet insists she should not let them ruin her future. [1] He, however, is not ready for romance because he is still in mourning for his wife, Lady Sybil Branson. His mother died of illness towards the end of the first series. 'Downton Abbey' Insufferability Index: That Bitch Braithwaite Most of the insufferability on last night's episode of Downton was trumped by the over-the-top villainy of Edna Braithwaite. It is revealed that she was poisoned by eating rat poison cooked in a pie, and Bates is put under suspicion. In the final series, after losing his tenancy at a neighbouring estate, he is offered the tenancy of Yew Tree Farm in Downton, thanks to the unflagging efforts of Daisy. Downton Abbey: Created by Julian Fellowes. She experiences multiple disappointments in her romantic relationships: she is jilted at the altar by Sir Anthony Strallan in the third series, and her second fianc Michael Gregson is killed by Nazis while staying in Germany. Bates sneaks up behind Anna, surprising her, then pulls her aside. Beryl Patmore (played by Lesley Nicol) is the cook at Downton. We first meet the conniving woman in the second season as a general housemaid. Evelyn Napier (played by Brendan Patricks) is the son and heir of Viscount Branksome and a suitor for Lady Mary, but later becomes engaged to "one of the Semphill girls". However, when Tom Branson speaks to her about his own experiences in learning to live with the Crawley family despite their differences, she is inspired to make her marriage work. In 1921, he hosts the Crawleys at Duneagle Castle, his family's Scottish estate. He tries to convince her that despite wanting children, she alone is enough for him, which she has trouble accepting. Over the next few weeks she continues to help while Drake has taken a liking to her. Marigold is born in Geneva, Switzerland and adopted by a Swiss couple. When Bates catches him stealing some wine, Thomas attempts to frame him for the theft. Anna, however, tells him that the news is nothing sad and that actually, she's pregnant and expecting their child. Fellowes initially intended for Mrs Hughes to be a Yorkshire native. Hugh MacClare, Marquess of Flintshire (played by Peter Egan), is a Scottish nobleman nicknamed "Shrimpie" and married to Susan, the niece of Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. She also wants her husband back since she has tried living on her own and does not like it. In the fifth series, Mary meets Henry Talbot, a race car driver. Bertie accepts that Edith has an illegitimate daughter, but he is also hurt that she may have tried to trick him, so he breaks off their engagement. O'Brien, always against Bates, writes to Vera to tell her where he is and about his and Anna's blossoming romance. Michael follows Edith and her family to Scotland in 1921, where he meets her family. The intended dinner conversation quickly becomes a heated argument in front of the bemused minister, and the Earl of Grantham collapses from a perforated ulcer, ending the gathering while he is rushed to hospital. Michael Gregson (played by Charles Edwards) (d. around 8 November 1923) is a London editor for the society magazine The Sketch. The Dowager Countess learns of his situation and tells the doctor that William had an embarrassing skin condition in order to keep him from being drafted. Then she learns he got into a fight with some men in Munich after taking exception to what they were saying. In the first series, she is shown to have feelings for first footman Thomas, something that Mrs Patmore tries to discourage as she can see that Thomas is "not a ladies' man". Edith learns that he suffered a debilitating injury to his arm serving in the First World War, hence his refusal. Daisy suggests that he could take up residence with Mrs Patmore, but Mason dislikes the idea of being retired and dependent on a woman not his wife. O'Brien and Thomas were the only servants who never did like Bates and the duo constantly try to find faults and uncover his past in an attempt to force Mr Carson to sack him. Downton Abbey Historical drama Drama series Television. When Matthew returns from the First World War injured she refuses to leave him despite being told that he will never walk again and is impotent. La quarta stagione della serie televisiva Downton Abbey stata trasmessa sul canale britannico ITV1 dal 22 settembre al 10 novembre 2013. She becomes distant from everyone, and is unable to even bear Mr Bates's touch, as she confesses to Mrs Hughes that she feels she no longer deserves him, and feels unclean. In the third series, Ethel returns, having entered into a life of prostitution. . George Matthew Crawley (born August 1921) is the son and heir of the late Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary Josephine Crawley. She runs into Thomas, and calls him sly, oily, and smug. She begins to feel he is a sensible match for her. William asked Daisy if she would give him a photo that he could carry with him. Robert very reluctantly agrees, and feels sorry that Edith is a "spinster" with no boyfriend or prospects in sight. When Mrs Bird refuses to work with a former prostitute, she chooses to leave. Under English law, her status as a lunatic cannot be used as grounds for divorce because she is neither the guilty nor innocent party. She is the daughter of London solicitor Reggie Swire, to whom she has been very close ever since her mother's death during her early childhood. She starts pursuing Tom relentlessly until she finally convinces him that she is pregnant with his child. Jimmy's whereabouts post-Downton are never revealed. Encouraged by her family (excepting her father, who thought Gregson just wanted to take advantage of her title and wealth) she went to see him in London and accepted his offer. He crosses the final line when he takes Ivy out and gets a bit too familiar with her. Vera comes to Downton only to inform Bates that if he does not come away with her, she will sell the scandalous story of the death of Kemal Pamuk in Mary's bed to the newspapers, which could ruin the reputation of Downton Abbey. He formerly worked as a hall boy, but wants to become a footman. The conniving Miss O'Brien left Downton Abbey very suddenly (who will keep Thomas in check now?! Baxter is hired on Barrow's recommendation, and Cora is pleased with Baxter. During a dinner in his honour, Branson, the Irish nationalist and socialist chauffeur, attempts to avenge himself on the Army by pouring a soup tureen of slop over the general, but he is stopped in time by Carson the butler (who after reading Branson's apology note to Lady Sybil, found by Anna, thought Branson meant to assassinate the general). After the fire, Lord Grantham tells Carson that Jimmy has to go, but with a good reference. Andrew "Andy" Parker (played by Michael C. Fox) is a footman who starts working at Downton Abbey in 1924. Despite the concern of her husband and of Lady Mary, Anna does keep working, although some of her duties are undertaken by other members of staff. Although scheming in nature and always looking to manipulate circumstances to her and Thomas's benefit, she has a conscience and softens up over the second series. RELATED: Downton Abbey: 10 Actors You Forgot Were On The Show. The Honourable Ephraim Atticus Aldridge (played by Matt Barber), more commonly known by his middle name, Atticus, is the son and heir of Lord and Lady Sinderby. At Downton Abbey, he meets Violet again, who is shocked by his reappearance and what has happened to him. In the fourth series, Mary is pursued by three suitors: Anthony Foyle (Lord Gillingham), Evelyn Napier, and Charles Blake. She is originally from Argyll, Scotland, where her father was a farmer. They insist that they can give Charlie a far better future than Ethel ever could. In 1914, Matthew asks Mary to marry him, but she is hesitant because of circumstances regarding the inheritance of the estate. However, in the third series, Tom and now-pregnant Sybil are forced to flee Ireland after Tom becomes implicated in the burning of an Anglo-Irish nobleman's house. This is at a time when most women did not smoke and it was very rare for a woman to be seen smoking in public. Headstrong, ambitious, and determined, Edna sets her sights on the recent widower Tom Branson. Sir Richard Carlisle tricks Mrs Bates into selling the story, to save Mary and later threatens to expose her when she wants to break off their engagement. Andrew serves drinks before a fox hunt. Later he arranges Lavinia Swire's funeral and then the wedding for Matthew and Mary, even though the Archbishop of York performs it. While participating in the "Albanian talks" he visits Downton as a guest, accompanying Evelyn Napier. They wear brown shirts and go around preaching the most horrible things," as Edith later tells her aunt. After struggling with infertility, Mary becomes pregnant and gives birth to a son, George, at the end of the third series. The Marchioness's lady's maid tells Vera about Lady Mary's liaison with Kemal Pamuk. Mary offers to take Anna to London, paying for her to visit Dr Ryder, the doctor that had treated Mary for problems when she had trouble conceiving a child with Matthew. Upon his return to Britain, he gets permission to work at Downton as sergeant in charge when the residence is made into a centre of recovery for injured officers. In August 1914 they are successful and Gwen wins a position at a telephone firm. Thomas and Jimmy share a heartfelt goodbye in which Jimmy tearfully tells Thomas that though he never thought he'd get on with a man like him, they truly had been great friends. At first Sybil seems fine after the birth, but late in the night is found having fits and dies. Tom doesn't learn her true identity until later. However, the investigation into Green's death begins to wind down, as the police have failed to find anything more than circumstantial evidence to link Bates to the crime. When Elsie turns his proposal down he later married Ivy (died 1910) and had one son Peter, who joined the army. In the second series, with most of the male staff depicted as serving in the First World War, Mr Carson finds himself under mostly self-imposed pressure to ensure household duties are carried out to his exacting standards. During the Great War, after William is brought back to Downton mortally wounded, the Dowager Countess summons him to wed William and Daisy before William dies. She loses her virginity to him. She dies at the end of the second film. In the Christmas special he is invited by Lord Grantham to the traditional Christmas shoot but repeatedly turns it down. Solve your "Downton Abbey maid" crossword puzzle fast & easy with Mary struggles to move past her grief, but after the discovery of a letter from Matthew stating he intended to name Mary his sole heiress, she recovers and begins helping her father and brother-in-law Tom manage the estate. Martha Levinson (played by Shirley MacLaine) is Cora's brash, outspoken, and wealthy American mother. Daisy Parker (formerly Mason (ne Robinson)) (played by Sophie McShera) is the kitchen maid, later assistant cook, at Downton. He is accompanied by his boss Charles Blake as they are working on a government project studying estates and their progress. She begins an affair with Major Charles Bryant (played by Daniel Pirrie) when he is being treated at Downton while it is a temporary convalescent home. The overjoyed couple once again begin to discuss and plan their future. Her father dies shortly after and Matthew honours his deathbed wish for his ashes to be placed in Lavinia's grave. Barrow is badly beaten instead. When her typewriter is discovered by Miss O'Brien, she informs the whole staff and Gwen's plan to leave service to become a secretary is the cause of much discussion above and below stairs. He purposefully puts his hand in the line of fire in order to gain a blighty wound and be sent home. During the Crawleys' Christmas celebrations, Anna is seen alone and concerned about her husband. The neighbour mentions she saw Vera cleaning crust from under her nails, confirming she made the pie herself. Considering Charlie's future, she gives him to Mr and Mrs Bryant. Over time, however, the pair grow closer, and a romance develops. Tom Branson confides in Mrs Hughes over Edna's threats. In the first film, she has had a daughter with Henry named Caroline. "[17] Finneran believed that O'Brien "was great to play. However, having bought the train ticket to London in York, he decided not to go through with the plan at the last minute, as he considered his actions would do far more harm than good, since he would certainly have been executed had he been convicted. Edna was somewhat of a sympathetic character, coming from nothing and doing whatever she could to scrounge up a better life for herself. Bates is overjoyed by the news. Patrick Gordon (played by Trevor White) is a major in the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry who made a request to stay at the convalescent home at Downton Abbey because he claims he is related to the Crawley family. During her time as a housemaid, she would gain a huge crush on chauffeur Tom Branson, but he would not look at her, as he was in love with Sybil Crawley. During the Christmas episode, Bates visits Anna in prison where she reveals that a secret from her past could compromise any character witness statement the Crawleys make in her favour. However, after James-Collier had filmed the first two episodes of the show the producers contacted his agent and asked if he would like to be optioned for the second and third series.[15]. A pub owner confirms that Bates was indeed in York and would swear to it, which clears him. When the staff see that he uses a cane, they are at best surprised and at worst angry feeling that they will have to pick up the slack for him, due to his disability slowing him down in the large house. Only the housemaid Anna offers him any sympathy and friendship. Outspoken, Ethel does not like being told what to do by anyone, which often has her in conflict with Anna or Mrs Hughes. Nellie Melba (Kiri Te Kanawa) gives an operatic performance at the Abbey in 1922, where Cora intervenes to ensure she is treated as a guest of the family rather than a member of staff. 145 inverness drive east physical therapy,